Custom machine development,Green Machinery,Automobile related Machinery,Textile related Machinery,Electronic related Machinery

Responding to diverse customer manufacturing needs 
with our unique know-how and advanced technologies

1.As Proposal-based Partner

Consistent cost-cutting efforts and promotion of streamlining. In order to increase our customers’ profits, we make various suggestions at every stage, from design and development to manufacturing, as we complete the finished product. Design, testing, development and manufacture are all accomplished from the customer’s point of view.

2.Human Relationships

In order to produce a superior machine with advanced technology, it is necessary to manufacture it from the customer’s viewpoint. Above all else, thorough discussions with our customers are important to Sanwa, and we develop products based on profound relationships of trust.

3.Aiming for High-precision Technology

Receiving repeat orders, orders for model changes, and orders for updated products are based on trust in Sanwa. As a forward-looking industrial development company, we will continue to aim for high-precision technology, without fail.

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