Sanwa Focuses on Quality

Sanwa Focuses on Quality

At Sanwa we carry out product development in accordance with the quality assurance standards of the countries where our customers are located. We test our products at each stage of production—design, development, manufacturing and assembly, so the quality of the finished machines is of a higher level than that expected by the customer.
This kind of quality control guarantees customer satisfaction. Sanwa’s quality assurance covers all work including design, development, production, service and proper documentation.
We believe that our mission as regards product quality is to further improve technology that meets the demands and expectations of our customers.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to machine quality.
At Sanwa Machinery, the issues of quality and customer satisfaction provide opportunities to build relations of trust with our clients. In order to obtain customer satisfaction, we make sure that we discuss all issues thoroughly at our first meeting with a client, to avoid any misunderstanding. At that time we explain clearly what we can do and what we are not able to do. We endeavor to do what we are capable of so well that we exceed our client’s expectations. By developing highly functional products, we contribute to our clients’ profits, and that is what customer satisfaction is all about.

Our development policy

  • To provide products that exceed customer expectations
  • To provide high productivity, durability and outstanding design
  • To work with the customer in a spirit of cooperation

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